Sinus Lift Bone Replacement

Lateral Window Sinus Lift and Internal Sinus Lift

Maxillary Sinuses are located above the upper teeth behind your cheeks. They are an empty space through which roots of the upper teeth extend. Upon extraction of the upper teeth, a thin wall of bone appears which separates the socket and the sinus space. Dental implants are placed into this bone and they require a sufficient amount of bone to ensure their stability.

In order to place these implants into that bone a “sinus lift” (B) procedure is performed, where the bone is raised slightly into the sinus space creating room for implant placement.  This procedure can be done at the time of extraction or during implant placement surgery, so as long as the amount of bone in that wall is sufficient.

However, if bone has been found to be too thin, a “lateral window sinus lift” (A) procedure is performed where the sinus membrane is lifted upward and a small amount of granulated bone is added. Implants can, then, be either placed at the same time or after a couple of months to allow bone healing and solidification. 

Sinus lift and augmentation procedures have allowed implants to be a possibility for patients when years ago the only available option was wearing loose dentures.