Patient and Referring Dentist Testimonials

This five star review is for the outstanding dental care I received from Dr. Wardany and his staff.  I underwent dental implant surgery a few weeks ago to replace two molars (one upper and one lower) at Dr. Wardany’s office in Sacramento

This doctor is an amazing Implant Specialist!  He thoroughly explained the procedure prior to operating so I knew exactly what to expect.  The entire surgical procedure was quicker, and far less painful than I had anticipated. I experienced minimal swelling and bleeding following the surgery, and I was back to eating normal food after just a few days of recovery.

What really sets Dr. Wardany apart from many other doctors is his first rate bedside manner.  He anticipated my anxiety about having this surgery, and he put my mind at ease by communicating with me throughout the procedure (I was under a local anesthetic).  Dr. Wardany was also kind enough to call me the day after the surgery to check on my recovery progress.  How cool is that?  This guy really cares about his patients and takes a lot of personal pride in his work.  i strongly recommend Dr. Wardany to anyone considering Dental Implant Surgery. 

~ R.J., Patient ~

Yes, Dr. Wardany is that good. I’d give him extra stars if I could. The reviews speak for themselves but you will only fully understand once you have been there and have been treated by Dr. Wardany and his staff. I have had a lot of dental work done and have been to treated by other dentist in the past, some good, some decent, but I have never been treated with such high quality care like this before. He cares about his patients and goes above and beyond to make sure you are getting the best treatment and he explains everything in depth before and after the the during consults and treatment.

~ Sbeen, Patient ~

From the my consultation experience, Dr. Wardany struck me as being attentive, caring, and genuine. Dr. Wardany ONLY recommended what he deems absolutely necessary to one’s well-being (contrary to commercial approach of most dentists, these days). He always follows up with a phone call after surgical procedures to make sure his patient is well. If this is not  true care, I am not  sure what is!

~ Karina, Patient ~

Dr Wardany is both competent and has a fabulous bedside manner. He came in on his day off to perform an emergency tooth extraction so I could leave on a trip abroad. His anesthesia was excellent (no pain), the procedure went well. He is an excellent clinician and a very empathetic communicative health care provider.  I would give him 6 stars if that was possible.

~ James R., Patient ~

Dr. Wardany is the best. Nobody likes to go to the dentist but if he is your Dr. you will look forward to the visits. The staff is so friendly and makes you feel so welcome. I highly recommend Dr. Wardany. He really cares and it shows.

~ Paula, Patient ~